Electron Flow

Submitted by Gary Drostle


Client: Poplar HARCA

Location: London, United Kingdom

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $40,000

Project Team


Gary Drostle

Drostle Public Arts Ltd


Jenny Hunte

Poplar HARCA

Art Consultant

Marcel Baettig

Bow Arts


Mosaic for an electricity sub station in east London, UK, covering over 250 sq ft. The mosaic is made from hand made Venetian Glass Smalti, and forms a circuit around the entire building incorporating a core of transparent glass Smalti which illuminates in the evening. The addition of the night time lighting element in this work not only adds a beautiful evening element to the work but also adds to the theme of the power of the electron.


The artwork aimed to combine a view of the power behind this anonymous block with an element of community expression. The artist took the idea of the basic nature of electricity as a starting point with the idea of portraying the power that is hidden inside the building, reflecting on the idea of electrons flowing through a circuit and the connection of electro-magnetism to the visible spectrum.


The mosaic was designed and made by the artist using the inspiration of the nature of electricity. Clients and community were briefed at every stage of the design and fabrication of the work. The artist included a mosaic making workshop for local residents to raise the awareness and appreciation of mosaic art in the local community and an associated animation workshop was held in a local school. The animated film made by local school children was incorporated in the QR code in the centre of the mosaic.

Additional Information

Winner of the 'Contemporary Innovation in Mosaic' award at the 2014 Mosaic Arts International, Houston, Texas.