Electrifying the Grid - CODAworx

Electrifying the Grid

Submitted by Lanny Bergner

Client: Seattle City Light

Location: Seattle, WA, United States

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $23,500

Project Team


Lanny Bergner

Fidalgo Studios

Public Art Agent

Deborah Paine

City of Seattle, Office of Arts & Culture


Seattle City Light, South Service Center

Seattle City Light, City of Seattle


Electrifying the Grid is composed of 7 torch treated stainless steel mesh grids mounted on painted board. Each grid is H48″ x W48″ x D5″. Four grids are on the north wall and three on the south wall. Each grid has torch treatment that references lightning strikes and electrical discharges overlaid with geometric patterning of glass frit spheres, and colored paper glued onto the mesh with clear, black and white silicone.


The client specified the two conference room walls that would be well suited for artwork. I submitted a proposal that artistically enhanced both walls with a repetitive motif (grid) that would unify the room.


I was instructed by the project manager what site was selected for artistic enhancement and the parameters of the project. I was informed that the site was to be renovated and I worked with Seattle City Light to design the proper lighting for the grids and I provided the specifications for a wooded platform to be constructed to protect the artwork. The primary input came from project manager, Deborah Paine, City of Seattle, Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs who oversaw the project.