El Paso Passage

Submitted by City of El Paso Museums and Cultural Affairs


Client: City of El Paso

Location: El Paso, TX, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $165,000

Project Team


City of El Paso, Museums and Cultural Affairs

MCAD, City of El Paso


Bill Fitzgibbons

Bill Fitzgibbons Sculpture and Public Art


El Paso Passage is a computerized light sculpture located on Airway Boulevard which is part of the El Paso International Airport (EPIA). The multi-program light sculpture creates an engaging experience adjacent to the entrance of the airport.


El Paso Passage is located along the corridor that takes people to and from EPIA. In FY2018, 3.1 million visitors used El Paso’s Airport. For many, this part of El Paso is the first or last thing they see while visiting El Paso. This piece was installed as part of an overall project to enhance visitor’s experience as they travel in and out of El Paso.
The spectrum sequence in this artwork is part of a larger computerized color-­‐ changing program. People have an inherent attraction to color and the spectrum, and the prism sequence embraces all the primary and secondary colors. Bill Fitzgibbons, the artist states, “Overall, my ideas tend to incorporate LED lighting systems in a way that engages the project site and provokes the feeling of “traveling” through my art. It is my intent to humanize the experience between the viewer and the art, and to create a space of beauty out of sites that are otherwise rushed through unnoticed. It is my hope that such an experience will remain with the viewer long after leaving the space behind.”


The city of El Paso engaged the artist to design in collaboration with other consultants to create a landscape and architectural lighting plan that would be unique to EPIA. This lighting plan was incorporated into the project known as the Airport Terminal Landscape Architectural Lighting Project. EPIA has become a valuable partner with the public art program as the City of El Paso works to enhance visitor experience at the airport and in the surrounding area.