EGRET sculpture at The Lakes of Tempe


Client: City of Tempe, AZ

Location: Tempe, AZ, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $55,000

Project Team


Lyle London

Industry Resource

Nick McClain

Schneider Structural Engineers


The Lakes of Tempe homeowners applied for a beautification grant from the City of Tempe and I won the resulting competition for a sculpture to be placed on the median in from of the Community Center


The community wanted to recognize the vision of the original developer Arnold Dahlberg who created the largest residential development in Tempe, AZ at the time in the early 70's. I incorporated commemorative plaques seen from both directions of travel into the base of the sculpture to accomplish this goal. I used Corten steel to keep ongoing maintenance to an absolute minimum and to provide contrast with the surroundings.


Before the finalist interviews I I was actually developing the idea of a sculpture of an Egret. After visiting the Lakes and seeing the large number of Egrets in the 500 acre development I decided to present the concept drawings during my interview. This was enthusiastically received by the committee and I was chosen to do the piece. I asked for community feedback by presenting the concept drawings in the local newspaper and by placing a 3D print model of the piece in the clubhouse and community center. After several weeks of overwhelmingly positive commentary I started permit process and then fabrication of the sculpture.