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Edge of Government

Submitted by Nohlab

Client: MBR Centre for Government Innovation

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Completion date: 2019

Project Team




MBR Center for Government Innovation


Designlab Experience


Nohlab created an immersive audiovisual journey that captivates the visitors, for the special exhibition area Edge of Government, at the World Government Summit in Dubai 2019. A gradually forming energy stream modeled a path for the visitors, carrying them forward into a completely different time and space. The interactive area on the exit inspired people to not only observe, but also also take action in it- shaping their surroundings with their force and energy fields.


As a special exhibition area, inline with the main theme of the summit ""Powered by You", Edge of Government aimed to showcase various works which gave the visitors the feeling of being able to change the world using their own power and actions.

For this purpose, the Innovation Center needed a wholesome experience space, which skillfully blended technology and innovative methods with the atmospheric and spatial experience. Nohlab suggested designing the area as a 360 degree space with a narrative flow, and brought together a concept where an immersive story leads the visitors through a path. Spatial experience started from the moment they entered through the door, building up their relationship with the exhibition space and artworks on the way. In the finale of their spatial and audiovisual experience, the visitors who previously focused on experiencing the flow, finally became parts of the interactive area. Here was where they found the chance to create their own paths using their unique energy areas, and shape their environment with their own actions.


The whole area was designed from scratch for this event, integrating parametric structures and unique ceiling designs. The area included more than 30 projectors for floor, ceiling and wall, as well as 10 speakers and 3 sub-woofers surrounding the area. The visuals reached up to 40K resolution, while the interactive part integrated a 6K real time graphic generation. Sound design was exclusively created making use of all the speakers and sub-woofers separately, to enhance the immersive spatial experience. As the plan was hosting as many guests as possible during the event, a strict interactive design and production for the Interactive area was a must. After various R&D's and careful planning, it reached a point where the number of visitors did not create a problem technically, visually or productionwise. Body motion sensors and custom interactive technology let the visitors expand and direct their limited spaces into more, while making them interact with other people around.