Economist - CODAworx


Submitted by OZ Architecture


Location: Denver, CO, United States

Completion date: 2018

Project Team


Heather Young

OZ Architecture


Thomas Evans


Economist is an apartment community designed with smart, highly efficient living spaces averaging 320 square feet complemented by an array of unique amenities that unify two buildings as one cohesive structure. The design thoughtfully maximizes every inch of space for optimal storage and daily usage.
The buildings converse with the neighborhood and each other by taking cues from the materiality and playful applications of color found in the surrounding historic homes while maintaining a sense of calm. The walkable separation between buildings features an immersive mural created by a local artist making it an intimate yet vibrant corridor.


Economist has always been driven by an artistic theme. Several artists presented ideas for ways to connect the two buildings through art. Ultimately the selected artists, Detour, chose a hard line abstract mural that features various color palettes across the surface of the building.


The collaboration process was intentional from the beginning. For the mural, several artists proposed and presented different ideas. The selected artist made the building connection playful to offset the dark, simple exterior façade. The interior mural illuminates the building and further enhances the sense of community.

Additional Information

Additionally, there’s a rotating art gallery featuring local artists. The team partnered with a curator in the neighborhood to find artists to collaborate with to truly bring the building to life. Due to Economist’s large windows, pedestrians can view the artwork from the outside. The artists make 100% commission on sales and have made Economist a place for people in the City of Denver to come visit to check out the gallery and mural.