"Eco-nnections: Together" Nature-themed Projection Mapping at BLINK - CODAworx

“Eco-nnections: Together” Nature-themed Projection Mapping at BLINK

Client: BLINK Cincinnati, the largest festival of light and experiential art in the United States

Location: Covington, KY, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $75,000

Project Team


George Berlin

George Berlin Studios


BLINK Cincinnati


All life is connected in one continuous stream. Eco-nnections is a series of ecologically-themed projection epics showing around the world in 2022 exploring how we’re all connected, from the desert sands to the arctic seas. What we do today directly affects the other side of the world tomorrow. The winds, the tides, the air we breathe are all shared across vast distances.​

This connectedness is brought to life by collecting all of the world together into one ecosystem, with floating whales playing in the rainforest and lush, tropical trees soaring beside icebergs and the cool nights of the desert.

“Eco-nnections” began as a mesmerizing projection mural at a live event in the Chicago area and then headed to Night Lights Denver and continued on to BLINK 2022 in Cincinnati- the largest light festival in the U.S.- before traveling on to even more destinations in 2023.


BLINK is a world-class light art festival and projection mapping stories like mine are key creative landmarks as their 2 million guests travel the 30 city blocks of this experience in search of wonder.


Our story on the beauty of nature was important to the funders- who run a harm-free luxury faux fur business in addition to owning the hotel we projected on.