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ECLIPSE / Oeno Sculpture Garden

Submitted by Tim Forbes


Client: Tim Forbes/Oeno Gallery

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

Completion date: 2017

Project Team


Tim Forbes Artist


Art Consultant

Dana Charles

Oeno Gallery


ECLIPSE @ OENO SCULPTURE GARDEN INSTALLATION, cast Fiberglass, custom Chroma finish, steel plinth, painted — from The Human Suite by Canadian Artist Tim Forbes. Dimensions 64 x 36 x 36 inches including plinth.


Each year, the Oeno Gallery in Prince Edward County, Ontario invites a select few of Canada's foremost artists/sculptors to install works in the acclaimed, multi-acre Oeno Sculpture Garden — visited by more than 30 thousand guests each summer. This is the second work by Forbes included in the garden. (ECHO2)


Forbes has worked closely with the gallery directors and head gardeners to harmonize an installation within the park setting, selecting work and installation technical specifications to best display this work in compliment not only to the grounds, but also surrounding works. Consideration was taken into height of the work as well as complimentary plantings. As the work nests in a garden planted with Lavender and Russian Sage, a steel plinth was fabricated painted a silver grey to compliment the planting, neutralizing the plinth* and allowing the sculpture to be "elevated". Direction of sun light was important to reference the "eclipse", as late in the day the East side becomes "the dark side of the moon". Forbes's design of the plinth specified that the ends were to be open, allowing breezes to flow underneath and to lighten the mass visual of the work. A shout out to a great team responsible for fabricating and installing, as well as landscaping, with supervision by the Forbes dogs Dxtr & Echo. The summer weather will now push the plantings to embrace the work.

Additional Information

The original maquette was created in clay, before being enlarged through scanning and 5-axis CNC milling for a master plug, cast in fiberglass finished with a custom Matthews metallic paint followed by several layers of crystal top coat.