Echo - CODAworx


Location: Denver, CO, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team


David Zimmer

Project Management

John Grant

Public Art Services


Artist David Zimmer’s installation Echo is an abstraction of a majestic tree moving in the wind. The image is broken up onto 13 LED panels and reconstructed in a collage style throughout the space. The work evokes the feeling of being in nature, in contrast to its concrete and glass surroundings. The subject matter is three giant oak trees on the outskirts of Denver that Zimmer has been filming intermittently over the last 10 years. The name Echo is meant to evoke the memories that have taken place under and around the tree over the past many years.


Echo adds visual interest to the exterior of the building and offers a seamless day to night viewing experience.


Public Art Services provided the following services: Artist Selection process, Design coordination, Materials research, Budget management, Engineering coordination and oversight, Fabrication oversight, Lighting design development, Shipping, Installation services, Scheduling, Project close-out. Project Partners include: Elmendorf / Geurts