Echo II

Submitted by Shuli Sade


Client: A Fortune 500 Company

Location: Charlotte, United States

Completion date: 2011

Artwork budget: $67,000

Project Team

Art Consultant

Cynthia Reeves

Cynthia Reeves Corporate Art Advisory


Shuli Sade

Sade Studio

Interior Designer



Two 60 x 120 art pieces installed facing each other in a seating area. Each piece is made of 18 transparent photographic panels fused to acrylic.


Through a collaborative process between art advisor, client's corporate mission, architects, interior design team and myself, we had created an ambiance that enhances the client's workplace and manifest their mission through artwork.


Gensler designers had a specific color scheme for the interiors. Corporate Art Advisor Cynthia Reeves and I proposed to use images from the area instead of working with imagery which does not belong to the place. I spent a few days at the Blue Ridge Mountains taking photographs to capture the beauty of the nature in different times of the day. Everyone who was involved was a part of the process. Echo was well received by the workers as well as the team.

Additional Information

The images are transparent and project a gentle shadow, echoing the present.