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Eat Your Colors!

Submitted by Clare Hirn

Client: Kroger

Location: Louisville, KY, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $10,000

Project Team


Clare Hirn

Public Art Agent

Jackie Pallesen

Louisville Visual Art


Painted in acrylic on panels in the studio, the mural was installed in the produce area of the Highland Kroger in Louisville, KY. Approximate dimensions are 14' x 11'. Cutout areas overlap and break the edge of windows and the upper border, adding visual interest and playfulness.


The mural's composition is designed to play off the array of produce, as if it is spilling up onto the wall. Kroger specifically wanted references to the vibrant Highland neighborhood to be included in the design. Kroger has commissioned many murals for various locations for their patrons to enjoy unique and original artwork reflecting the characteristics of each store's neighborhood.


Louisville Visual Art facilitated the whole process, from putting out the calls to artists, to following through for installation. As a non-profit organization they brought skill and expertise to facilitate the discussions from design to logistics of materials and costs of additional design work. It was a true collaboration, as Kroger put well-founded trust into an arts organization to oversee the process.

Additional Information

Kroger has commissioned a number of murals in different locations and has shown wonderful support of individual and local artists. Kroger is rewarded with a growing collection of original art!