Eastern Shelter Barry Island


Client: Glamorgan Council

Location: Barry Island, United Kingdom

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $40,000

Project Team


Peter Fink


Eastern Promenade Shelter


As a part of the redesign of a sea side promenade Studio Fink designed interactive lighting for the Eastern Promenade Shelter, a listed heritage structure. The regeneration project is designed to boost Barry Island’s reputation as a traditional family seaside resort.


The seafront is an extremely harsh environment with salt and sand degrading surfaces over time and the installation had to take this into account.
The ceiling of the promenade is formed by a coffered ceiling resulting in a series of cells of light animated individually as an attractive, welcoming and interactive lighting scheme.
Each light fitting has a custom made reflective shroud and is animated individually.
Small, powerful LED fittings were chosen and have been installed in a regular array across the ceiling.


The project involved a close collaboration with Urban Project a lighting company as well as community consultation with people using the promenade

Additional Information

The regeneration of Barry Island’s eastern promenade has been recognized as one of the best examples of planning and design in the UK by the Royal Town Planning Institute by a Excellence in Planning and Design for the Public Realm Award.