Earthbound Spiral - CODAworx

Earthbound Spiral

Submitted by Christine Rojek


Client: Tulsa Parking Authority

Location: Tulsa, OK, United States

Completion date: 2005

Artwork budget: $125,000

Project Team


Christine Rojek


Tulsa Parking Authority


Vector Custom Fabricating


This sculpture is steel, aluminum, polyurethane and paint with solar collectors. It was designed as the point where heaven meets earth.


The client had seen my Ecca Hora Sundial work and that inspired them; they wanted a very distinctive signature piece, a striking piece that would stand out in this environment. As the point where heaven meets earth, this can depict the unseen and the seen, things we know and things we don't know, a contrast of worlds that spiral up and around.


Since the client liked my work at the outset, I was given freedom to create the spiral movement, the figurative elements, and also bring in the solar collectors which cast shadows onto the ground, as the work is in communication with the sun.