Eagle Pointe Recreation Center - CODAworx

Eagle Pointe Recreation Center

Submitted by Reven Marie Swanson

Client: City of Commerce City

Location: Commerce City, CO, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $75,000

Project Team

Art Consultant

Kendal Peterson

China Cat Sunflower, LLC


The art installation extends through the lobby entrance area. Over 300 cast and fused glass birds swirl above the lobby joining the second-story running track. The two-story lobby area is approximately 45-feet-long and 35-feet-wide. All the birds are suspended on alumimun frames. There are 3 “bird balls” that are motor-powered and integrate with the computer driven lighting system.


Artwork that is unique, one-of-kind to uplift the soul. A design that interacts with time and space. Artwork to inspire the pursuit of community connection and well-being.Use of modern materials built on a tradition of high-quality craftsmanship. A timeless work that speaks to today’s visitors and their contemporary cultural activities. Artwork that integrates into the space – decor, architecture, use and traffic flow. Artwork to embody the essence of well-being – a balance of mind and body. Artwork to engage a pursuit of well-being. An interactive space with light and kinetic movement that creates “living” space. It’s about a community with neighbors, families and a collections of interesting individuals.


The sculptor collaborated with interior designers, construction teams, city officials and an art management consultant for the City of Commerce City. The project worked seamlessly.

Additional Information

Through the process of integrating artwork into the space, the sculptor offered a hands-on workshop. She realized the importance of artwork for this community. A strong comparison may be drawn from the variety of bird species, their colors and habits living in peace and co-existence on the river corridors. Much like the visitors the recreation center, a variety of cultures, languages, race and ages meet in a peaceful connection in the pursuit of well being.