Dynamo - CODAworx


Submitted by Studio Daniel Canogar


Client: Spanish Pavilion

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Completion date: 2021

Project Team

Sound Composition

Francisco López


Daniel Canogar

Project Manager

Diego Mellado


Diogo Quierós


Ana Saracho


Ana Bazán

Artistic Production

Jorge Anguita


Ivan Hernán


Aida Navarro


Studio Daniel Canogar presents one of its most ambitious projects to date: Dynamo, a site-specific audiovisual project designed for the Spanish Pavilion, managed by Acción Cultural (AC/E) -the public company responsible for the presence of Spain in Universal and International Exhibitions-, in Expo Dubái 2020, produced in collaboration with the music composer Francisco López.

The artwork, suspended in the atrium of the main pavilion and surrounded by a descendant and spiral alley, consists of three sculptural screens shaped like interlaced loops that feature generative audiovisual content through the interaction of the visitors and the railing along the ramp. The more contact the rail detects, the more dynamic and colorful the content of Dynamo’ screens will be. Similarly, the sound will be more intense when the interaction is higher. This way, the activation of the artwork is completely in the hands of the visitors.


Aligned with the pavilion topic, “Connecting minds, building the future”, Dynamo exemplifies the collective as an alternate energy source for a sustainable future and puts in value the potential of community. The complex algorithm that drives the content on the screen and its sound has been custom designed by Studio Daniel Canogar. It registers the number of contacts and the position of each to translate them into a unique audiovisual configuration for each of the random and free choreographies that the visitors will generate. Furthermore, Dynamo diversifies aesthetic experience beyond the visual: it potentiates touch and listening. In this technologic and pandemic present, so mediated by screens, listening, touch and sight ally through Dynamo to recover the corporality and sensibility in art and culture.