Duetti - CODAworx

Client: 5Vie District, Fuorisalone, Milan Design Week

Location: Milan, Italy

Completion date: 2024

Project Team

Creative Director

Melissa Mongiat

Daily tous les jours

Creative Director

Mouna Andraos

Daily tous les jours

Design Collaborator

Guillaume Sasseville


Industrial Designer

Sébastien Dallaire, Jacob Lorenz

Générique Design


‘Duetti: Musical Furniture’ by Daily tous les jours features two interactive urban archetypes: a bench that rocks and plays choral music, and a bollard that transforms the act of walking into dancing.

Duetti is initiated by Daily tous les jours as a response to cities’ increasing anxiety, polarization and isolation, using interactivity to bring social and therapeutic insights to public furniture design.

— A Rocking Bench

When people sit and push the bench to rock or spin, music and light animations are triggered through motion detection. The bench’s sounds are recordings of human voices, weaving an evolutive tapestry of tension and release. An edition of the studio’s Daydreamer series, the bench uses rocking, known to induce a state of daydreaming, reducing stress and anxiety.

— A Bollard

The interactive bollard features integrated lights, encircled by line insets on the ground.
Touching the lines—whether with a foot or a wheel—triggers its own set of voice harmonies. With increasing movement and simultaneous exploration, compositions emerge, with musical flourishes unlocked through deeper cooperation.


Can interactive urban furniture help us live with our anxious and polarized times? Encouraging impromptu compositions, Duetti: Musical Furniture is played by the public as they move. Together, the two objects play contemplative, choral music. The sung melodies emerge from the lines being played, direction of movements, and rhythms of concerted actions. The piece creates a calming responsive, generative atmosphere that encourages sustained exploration and interaction. Synchronized motions create harmonies, inspiring collaboration. The project infuses play and enchantment to public spaces, slowing down the pace of urban life and creating connections between dwellers.


Duetti: Musical Furniture brings a multisensory and interactive approach to help us live with our anxious and polarized times.

The concept uses rhythmic body movement to trigger collective musical creations. Built from a set of stress relief techniques, including rocking back and forth and synchronous activity, as well as the scientific findings on the power of music, especially collective performance, to bind people together*.

Responsive and soothing, the soundscape of Duetti is made of human voice recordings. The notes that are sung depend on the benches’ position and direction of travel, lines being played and the rhythms of concerted actions. The volume of the voices is dictated by the speed of movement. By mapping multiple musical parameters to different physical states, a strong gestural link is created between body movement and music. The ensemble is an evolutive and organic tapestry of tension, release, motion and stillness. Music is also created so that no matter when and what is triggered, it always sounds harmonic.

From a technical innovation perspective, the creation of the bench’s unique "slow-rocking" movement is the result of more than two years of collaboration with industrial designers, engineers and machinists.

Additional Information

Accessible Imagined as a collective experience, Duetti invites people of all ages, cultures and abilities to make music together. Lines around the bollards are accessible to people on foot or on wheels. People may sit on the bench, or hold the arch from a standing position to make the magic happen. No matter how people play, the mechanism inside the benches’ pivot center ensures the motion is slow. Choral music was chosen for its relaxing and universal quality that reaches a broad audience. Mutlisensory The responsive interplay between sound and motion open up the experience to different abilities and neurodiversity, including vision disabilities that are often the most forgotten in public space design. Durable Duetti is designed for permanent public use and uses high-quality materials. Joy Known for creating urban installations that spark joy within public spaces, Daily tous les jours has been pioneering the importance of play and its positive impact on health and wellbeing. Daily tous les jours’ projects have notably been described as ‘infrastructure for the human spirit.’ We believe that joy builds trust, and trust makes strong communities.