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Driven by Art

Submitted by David Koeth

Client: Bakersfield Museum of Art

Location: Bakersfield, CA, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $500

Project Team


David Koeth


“Driven by Art, a public art project was created in honor of the Bakersfield Museum of Art’s 60th Year Celebration. In one of the largest and friendliest public art displays in Kern County, this project celebrates the bond between the Museum and the greater community of Bakersfield.”


"Driven by Art flaunts a uniquely Bakersfield take on successful community art projects like Chicago’s Cows on Parade, New York’s Big Apples, Vacaville’s We Know Jack, Riverside’s Giant Oranges and Cincinnati’s Big Pig Gig. A fleet of 33 small-scale 1956 era fiberglass pick-up truck sculptures were painted, embellished, and festooned by some of Bakersfield's leading artists. These trucks were parked downtown on street corners, sidewalks, and roadways greeting neighbors and welcoming new friends to our town."


I collaborated with the sponsor of the truck - Anna Dezember of the StructureCast Corporation. I presented her with two different paint schemes for the truck, and together we decided on the petroglyphs theme. I then consulted with Dr. Alan Garfinkle to learn more about the meanings behind the petroglyphs. Once the design was approved, I painted it on the truck, assisted by artist Nano Rubio.