Drishti - CODAworx


Client: Area 15

Location: Las Vegas, NV, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team

Structural engineer/fabrication

Rafael Heredia Moreno

Lead fabricator

Randall Gates/DreamCycles


Inspired by a philosophical phrase, “Drishti, Srishti” means: “As is your vision, so is your universe” or, “How you behold, is what you unfold.” Drishti is a sculptural expression, and reflective symbol, of finding ourselves at a critical point in history where we are called upon to focus and activate our collective gaze into a more elevated vision, as co-creators of our individual and shared realities.


The multiple versions were re-combined by Berg and adapted with mirror-polished stainless steel components for long-term public installation at Area 15's "Art Island" in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Drishti was first proposed in 2018 by Kirsten Berg (artist) to Google and selected as a Google Plaza finalist ( engineering by Rhbu). In 2020, Berg revised the plans with Rafael Heredia Moreno (structural engineer) for a different budget category to Burning Man, for which it received an honorarium grant (paused during covid 2020/21). The version realized for Burning Man 2022 was fabricated with further collaboration/modification of the structural frame fabrication , with Rafael H Moreno and Randall Gates (lead fabricator) and their community in Truckee, California, while smaller parts were fabricated in Mexico by Berg. The Area 15 version was adapted for long-term and public installation with all-stainless steel sheet metal parts.

Additional Information

Drishti was originally proposed for a Google Plaza design competition ( selected as one of four finalists) in 2018. A modified version received an honorarium grant for Burning Man 2020. During the two-year pandemic pause, it was further re-envisioned for Burning Man 2022. This version was adapted to all stainless steel for long-term public installation at Area 15's "Art Island" in Las Vegas, Nevada.