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Dreyfuss Sculptures MGM Resort/Casino

Client: John Dreyfuss

Location: Oxon Hill, MD, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $325,000

Project Team


John Dreyfuss


MGM Resorts International

Industry Resource

Ben Fichtner

Providence Engineering


Six Bronze Abstract sculptures by John Dreyfuss varying heights of 5' – 8' Tall designed to be installed on a roof top terrace.


The Clients, MGM Resorts and Casinos commissioned John Dreyfuss to provide six bronze sculptures of different abstract shapes and sizes to be installed around a terrace that was going to be a garden atmosphere for visitors and blended in with the design.


Artist John Dreyfuss supplied all six sculpture Patterns for ART Research to produce rubber molds. Rubber molds were produced and wax patterns were pulled from the molds and they were chased and gate/vented for Ceramic shell. After all the shells were flashed they were weighed and then molten bronze metal was poured into each shell. Once the shells cooled then the technicians at ART broke out the metal castings and cut off the gated and vents. The sculptures were then welded, the metal was chased to an 150 grit and once the Artist approved the metal castings he worked with our Master Patinator to give the Sculptures the color that the artist was visioning for each 6 sculptures. Once the Patina was applied ART gave each sculpture a hot wax sealant.

Additional Information

The six Sculptures were delivered to Oxon Hill, MD by Charles Shirk Trucking. The names of each sculpture were: 5' Cornwall, 8' Early I, 6' Untitled II, 5' Portrait of a Prince, 8' Untitled I and 8' Early II