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“I remember”

Submitted by Naomi Moes


Client: Waukesha County Fire Department, Station Number 1

Location: Waukesha, WI, United States

Artwork budget: $65,000

Project Team


Naomi Moes Jenkins


bronze casting

Jeremy Fairchild

Kalispel Art Castings


“I Remember” is a life size whimsical bronze sculpture of a boy looking up at a fire pole in the atrium of a fire station. He is a sweet way to honor the men and women that have dreamed of becoming firemen and women, and have served the public. Sculpture is 4′ tall and weighs 225 lbs, finished with a combination of indoor painted and chemical patina.


The City of Waukesha Fire Department wanted a sculpture to both honor all of their Firemen, as well as that childhood dream of becoming a fireman. The design of a little boy wistfully looking up at a fire pole was a perfect image to recreate and place in their front Atrium so it was readily visible to the public.


Collaboration began with the Fire Deopartment on the details such as the fireman's hat and the particular details such as the design of their shields, and placement. Once I had the sculpture executed in clay it was shipped to Kalispel Art Casing in Montana, were further collaboration with them in the casting process occurred, and finally the patina and color finishes. After shipping the finished sculpture back to Wisconsin, there was the need to have an engineer mount it to the concrete floor so it was stable. I worked with the Fire Department to determine the best position for viewing.

Additional Information

The sculpture is visible from the outside because the atrium at the station is visible from the front glass doors.