Don’t Think Twice - CODAworx

Don’t Think Twice

Submitted by Marine Tanguy

Client: Team London Bridge/ Network Rail

Location: London, United Kingdom

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $30,000

Project Team

Public Art Agent

Sofia Alexandrache

Team London Bridge

Industry Resource

Kevan Collins

Network Rail


Jennifer Abessira

MTArt Agency


From the 15th September to the 27th September 2017, 72 bollards outside the St Thomas Street exit of London Bridge Station were wrapped with the art of Jennifer Abessira. This was a positive addition for London Bridge commuters as this project is aimed at creating a cultural impact and enhance the life and experience of the London Bridge community via art. The visual narrative integrated city archival imagery and social media from locals.


The goal was to tell a meaningful story for commuters to relate to as they use the station everyday. That is, creating a sense of attachment to the place using the visual narrative of artist Jennifer Abessira. The installation was also using the bollards, these metallic structures are implemented to protect locals and commuters from terrorist attacks but they quickly become a sad reminder of the existing social divisions of our society. By using them positively to tell a story about cultural integration, it's addressing the issue directly and with an inclusive mindset.


The process involved many parties - MTArt Agency and its artist Jennifer Abessira, Network Rail, TFL, Team London Bridge and Costain Group. The difficulty, representative to a project wanting to embrace unity for the area, was to align and work collaboratively. Having done so, it was very meaningful to all come together for this. We also used a unique type of photographic vinyl to display the art, testing it in the lab and making sure that this material will be intact during the duration of the project.

Additional Information

I believe that this project is meaningful as it shows that you can use everyday elements that you disregard and enhance them with the art of artists to inspire people living and working in the area.