Dolphins - CODAworx


Submitted by Michael Shacham


Client: Metroplex I

Location: Edison, NJ, United States

Completion date: 1987

Artwork budget: $20,000

Project Team


Michael Shacham


Metroplex I


I created the dolphins to give the feeling of dolphins swimming if their natural environment, even though they are suspended in the air in a 50' high atrium. They are made of polished bronze life size for dolphins at approx. 5' long and hung as mobiles so that they freely float in the large space that they occupy.


The owners were looking for a design that would fill the 50' high atrium but not be too obtrusive. We think that it worked well since they asked for an additional similar but different sculpture for Metroplex II.


I created the sculptures in my studio, worked with the bronze foundry that I created years ago to get the castings, after polishing them, I designed a series of pulleys to lead the steel cables that I attached to the sculptures through the ceiling to a manual lift that I installed in a side room. I worked with the project structural engineer to make sure it was structurally sound and then with the team working to build the building to install the pulleys.