Dolium - CODAworx


Submitted by Jeroen Verdaasdonk

Client: Municipality of Oosterhout

Location: Oosterhout (NB), Netherlands

Completion date: 2023

Artwork budget: $170,000

Project Team

Designer/ Project management

Jeroen Verdaasdonk


Senior Designer (Landscape)

M. Kierkels

Municipality Oosterhout (Client)


M. van der Velden

Municipality Oosterhout (Client)


Dolium is an3d metalprinted sculpture (Corten steel)
It is 12m long 5,5m wide and has a height of 4,5m and with these dimensions it’s the biggest 3d metalprinted sculpture of Europe.
The sculpture is a large representation of a Dolium. A Dolium is a large, cylindrical earthenware vessel with a wide neck opening. It was used by the Romans to store goods such as grain. The shape of a Dolium was used as the basis for this design. A 3D structure was extracted from it and then divided into two fragments This creates an open and spatial object, and creates the illusion that the Dolium was actually excavated.


Inspired by the archaeological theme of the Contreie district, a structural object design was created for Vrachelsplein. With its archaeological theme, the object fits beautifully into the Contreie district. Residents can walk through the open structure of the object or sit or hang out in the structure. Through this interaction, the Dolium also provides opportunities to meet and connect.


Dolium was commissioned by the municipality of Oosterhout (the Netherlands). For production we collaborated with 6 companies and the project team of the Municipality and their contractors. The 3d structure was produced by MX3D, they also made the first 3d metal printed bridge in the world,