DOG + CATenary - CODAworx

DOG + CATenary

Client: BARC Animal Adoption Center

Location: Houston, TX, United States

Completion date: 2016

Project Team


Shane Allbritton, Norman Lee


Design Optimization / Project Management



DOG + CATenary is a dramatic sculpture composed of pet leashes, running the entire 25' length of the interior vaulted ceiling of the new facility. The pet leash represents a familiar object that evokes the notion of pet stewardship, ownership, and responsibility—the essence of BARC’s mandate. When viewed holistically, the sculpture will evoke a vibrant pattern that is based on the sound wave patterns of dog barks and cat meows. The sculpture is visible from the outside through the entry’s expansive glass curtain wall providing a bold, dramatic gesture for passersby.


The goal was to create a work of art that celebrated animal adoption and integrated cohesively into the vaulted ceiling of the new facility. The flowing forms fill the space with support bars above curved to mimic the arched ceiling, effectively becoming invisible.