Dodecadandy - CODAworx


Submitted by Daniel Borins

Client: Commissioned by the TTC, Sheppard West Station

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $200,000

Project Team


Daniel Borins


Jennifer Marman

Landscape Architect

Peter Fletcher Smith


Landscape Architect

Tanya Brown



A landmark sculpture of spreading influence.

Installed adjacent to Sheppard West Station in Toronto, Dodecadandy addresses the space between the urban and suburban. A rational utopian form (a geodesic sphere) is contrasted against nature and growth from the dispersal of its scattered seeds.

A dandelion seed clock flows northward and a planting pattern follows its spores. The site is integrated thematically
with a landscape plan that echoes the form and narrative of the sculpture; symbolizing urban growth, transitory migration, and regeneration.


The project required collaboration between the artist team and a landscape architecture team. This site is under development and intensification. The teams had to think well into the future.


Originally the project was commissioned in 2008. Tunneling for a subway under the site caused an installation delay until 2021. Otherwise, the collaboration with DTAH was fantastic, and the final result is all the more relevant.