Client: Mirro Innovation Center

Location: Fort Wayne, IN, United States

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $100,000

Project Team


Robert L Barnum

RL Barnum Studios

Interior Designer

Andrea Nivens

A Lauren Design Company

Art Consultant

Sharon Eisbart

Sharon Eisbart Corporate Art


DNA, The Mirro Center for Research & Innovation. DNA will be a 14’ high x23’ wide multiple layer relief sculpture/Donor wall statement. DNA will be fabricated out of multiple layers of copper, bronze, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, glass and stone. DNA will support two digital screens. DNA will be housed in the atrium of the entrance into the Innovation center. Carefully engineered lighting will create a unique donor wall statement lit 24/7. The goal is to create a visual environment that can be seen from the road and parking lot but also presents a subtle almost ambient interior light statement.


DNA will stand as a unique donor wall statement that set priorities at first presenting a donor wall statement that is elegant, nontraditional and lived up by visual character to being housed in a center dedicated to innovation. DNA evolved through a competitive process that required almost a full year of time via multiple presentations and on site discussions to win. The design goals were to define in graphic terms the essence of life with a stylized DNA molecule as a center beacon that supports two horizontal bands of multiple metal relief pentagon and hexagon plates. Pentagons and Hexagons serve as the graphic shapes often used in medical graphs that map the character and individual chemical elements that represent or define unique forms of life. These hexagon and pentagon metal shapes will serve along with other DNA sculpture graphic form shapes as the support plates to define the eight donor categories. The primary creative challenge was one of definition, narrative and personal substance. The creative or design responsibility was obvious. Find a way with long life low maintenance materials to make a timeless statement about healing and the research to support health and healing.


DNA evolved by design, content and materials over 12 plus months of discussions, revisions ETC. Multiple voices were involved from board members to my corporate art consultant and the hospital chains facility manager and design consultant. It is important to note DNA is currently being fabricated with a late 2020 spring installation deadline. We are still in process of defining some donor’s categories by material, color of material and practical nature of material choices. As the design process via materials and realizing layers including glass continues the engineering required to create a safe and ADA compliant wall supported environment becomes important. DNA from materials, to engineering to fabrication and installation will also serve as academic study in and with the Aesthetic Engineering academic concept I have developed at FSU.

Additional Information

DNA suggests new visual ground in considering the character, purpose and the perceptive nature of documenting names of support.