Diversity Mural Orlando

Submitted by Jennifer Kuhns Mosaic


Client: Self

Location: Orlando, FL, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $5,000

Project Team


Cherie Bosela

Luna Mosaic Arts


Jennifer Kuhns

Jennifer Kuhns Mosaic


This mural was made in collaboration with Cherie Bosela of Orlando, and was a participatory project where over 1000 mosaic hearts were created by mosaic artists all over the world, and installed to invoke a giant rainbow. A silhouetted figure on one end is blowing kisses, which are represented by the hearts. It is a message of solidarity with the LGBTQIA community, and is a companion to a similar mural that I coordinated in Shelton, WA.


The goal was to create a large message that involved as many voices as possible, that would be easily viewed from a passing car, but invites closer inspection from pedestrians, and also serves as a "selfie-spot" so visitors post photos of themselves in front of the silhouette. Cherie was able to locate and secure a wall in a perfect high-traffic area, but with an open space in front so that people can safely stop and look more closely at each individual heart. These considerations were vital to the success of the project.


My first version of this mural was done with alternative high school students, and the response was so strong that I reached out to Cherie Bosela in Orlando to see if she would co-facilitate another version in Orlando. Together, we used social media to create a buzz, and to inform participants of the guidelines for heart contributions. I managed the campaign from WA State, including raising money for installation costs. Cherie managed volunteers and the entire installation process on location.

Additional Information

This was not a commissioned project, but a labor of love. We felt a call to create this mural, and without a sponsor, Cherie and I simply made it happen at our own expense, with the help of many volunteers and a small pocket of money from a Go Fund Me campaign.