Directions - CODAworx


Submitted by Steinunn Thorarinsdottir

Client: Leif Eriksson International Airport

Location: Keflavik, Iceland

Completion date: 2007

Artwork budget: $140,000

Project Team


Steinunn Thorarinsdottir


Leifur Eriksson International Airport


An RFQ was announced and 5 artists were selected for a closed competition. The artwork should not exceed in size of 3 x 3 x 3 meters. The space selected was is in the departure hall of the new Leif Ericsson International Airport leading to all departure gates. It was required that the sculpture be visible from many viewpoints but still not be too obtrusive to visibility in the departure hall.


The goals for integrating the commissioned artwork was to realize a sculpture that would be visible from many areas of the departure hall. It could become a kind of a way finder. The idea of Directions is that the four figures look towards all the main directions. People can "enter" the work and orientate themselves. A plaque is inlaid in the marble floor with the name and artist as well as an arrow marked to the north. The figures are made of aluminum, the material of airplanes, connecting them to the sky and flying. The figures stand on 4 natural basalt columns that are very uneven in shape, giving the work an edge but also a feeling of balance as the feet stand firmly on top. Everyone who leaves Iceland goes through Directions.


After the selection by the art committee that was specifically formed to select the proposal, a conversation between the artist and the architect started as well as the owners of the building although after the proposal had been approved the process was straightforward.

Additional Information

Directions is 3 meters x 3 meters x 3 meters. The figures are life size.