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Cocktails by a Digital Waterfall! | LED screen


Client: Undisclosed

Location: Las Vegas, NV, United States

Completion date: 2017

Project Team

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Fusion CI Studios

Fusion CI Studios


Mark Stasiuk

Fusion CI Studios


Our client installed LED screens in this cocktail lounge space and wanted a creative content to invoke an inviting, elegant, urban atmosphere. The waterfall is visible from an exterior walkway through the floor to ceiling windows and beckons passers-by to come inside. The sofa beside the waterfall is a very popular spot for a bottle of wine! LED screens approximately 25' x 20' )1.6 mm pixel pitch,


Our client wanted the waterfall design to integrate with the upscale, urban feel in this elegant bar/lounge. The waterfall was to subtly interact with the architecture to anchor the unique installation in the space.


Fusion was given carte blanche to design a unique digital waterfall that would seamlessly meld with the interior design of the space. We worked closely with our clients to determine the behavior, appearance and character of the waterfall to best capture their vision for the space.

Additional Information

Fusion's focus is on transforming spaces with digital canvases. LED/LCD screens are prolific now and creative content is a challenge for all of our clients. We believe these screen are 3-dimensional canvases that can be used for far more than 'way-finding' or advertising. They can be a key component in interior design - visually extending a physical space, creating environments that transform the atmosphere, even becoming a destination feature for guests.