Digital Water Mural at Casino Madrid - CODAworx

Digital Water Mural at Casino Madrid


Client: Casino Madrid

Location: Madrid, Spain

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $100,000

Project Team


Juan Carretero

Lumiartecnia Internacional


Roberto Manzaneque


Francisco Carretero

Lumiartecnia Internacional


Lumiartecnia was commissioned to create and install an interactive 15´ x 20' water wall central piece at the casino main lobby. The combined desing becomes both a large format information display and attractive decorative icon.


The customer wishes to create an iconic decorative element which at the same time could be used as an information point and large video screen. At one side of the glass mural is video projected relevant information and video displays, while at the back, a water graphic screen is sliding, creating shapes, texts and water patterns which give a living texture to the video projections.
Lumiartecnia has just patented a new concept: the Digital Water Mural: an interactive water wall which prints water graphics, patterns and texts which slowly slide downwards at a soothing pace.


The spectacular Digital Water Mural slided at one side of a pivoting glass structure welcoming the casino guests with board messages projected on its surface while the water is colofully lighted with LED lights from the top.

Additional Information

The Digital Water Mural creates an appealing water tapestry which continually generates evolving shapes and original lighted patterns combined with the video projection on its surface.