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Digital Water Curtain inside a trendy Restaurant


Client: Origen

Location: Bilbao, Spain

Completion date: 2017

Project Team


Ainara Arevalo


Industry Resource

Juan Carretero

Lumiartecnia Internacional

Industry Resource

Rubén Mariano

Lumiartecnia Internacional


Origen owners wanted to integrate inside their restaurant a Digital Water Curtain to create a cozy atmosphere of fine rain to welcome and greet the diners, inviting them to relax and enjoy an excellent meal in this trendy restaurant in Bilbao while the falling water evolutions mesmerizes and refreshes them.


The digital water curtain divides the main hall into two spaces creating a restaurant and a chill out area to enjoy both spaces with different gastronomic experiences.The thin rain that falls gently from the digital water curtain generates graphics, patterns and water texts that surprise, amuse and relax visitors so that they can enjoy a gastronomic experience that goes beyond the delicacies offered by their original menu ofJapanese-Latin-Basque fusion. The goal for Lumiartecnia was to integrate and make the digital water curtain 100% suitable for interior spaces, this means it had to comply with the following requirements: it has to be silent, not to splash, be interactive, have a colorful LED illumination, recirculate the water always clean and purified, the system has to work automatically without practically having to perform maintenance tasks. In addition, the surface of the water curtain has to be used as a projection support for promotional videos of the restaurant. All these goals were successfully achieved using Lumiartecnia's advance technology in digital water engineering and their state-of-the-art Controlidor® master controller.


The decorative theme of Origen restaurant is based on the four elements: 1.- The Water, represented by the Digital Water Curtain. 2.- The Earth, symbolized by a spectacular vertical garden. 3.- The Air is visualized with the undulating movement of the ‘fabric cirrus’ clouds which cross all over the sky of the restaurant. 4.- The Fire, with numerous motifs alluding to the sun and warm lighting bonfires. Air, earth, water and fire are therefore the hallmarks of the new restaurant Origen, embodied in a spectacular way, which gives personality to an establishment with a vocation to surprise by a radically different character, both in the kitchen and in its decoration.

Additional Information

Its cuisine, commanded by chefs trained in Michelin-starred dishes such as the Azurmendi restaurant, Etxanobe and Kuma, proposes a fusion of Latin, Basque and Japanese cuisine. With a tanned course in the restaurant Milagros de Barrika, owned by two of the partners of the Origen, now they approach Bilbao that peculiar style that has given them fame for 16 years.