Digital Echo

Submitted by Yves Peitzner


Client: Long Night of The Museums

Location: Munich, Germany

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $30,000

Project Team


Yves Peitzner

Studio TISH

Sound Design

Urich Eck

Visual Development / Code

Martin Mayer


What message do we want to send to the world? How is it transformed when it returns to us? In the digital age, social media rules communication: spontaneous, stimulating and spread through different channels. We’re triggered by impulses, which are beyond our control and develop their own grotesque momentum. The spatial installation is a stage in which visitors play dual roles. Space reacts to human. Human reacts to space. You are at once the stimulus and the spectator of a captivating, self-induced audiovisual experience.


At the entrance of the installation in the underground parking P2a of Schwabinger Tor, visitors encounter a microphone. By speaking, shouting or screaming, the visitor provides an impulse, which is distorted and spread throughout the space. Sound and light wander in synchrony from pillar to pillar. An uncontrollable digital echo is formed, which continuously returns – until the next impulse. Visitors are surrounded by waves of sound and light. They experience their own DIGITAL ECHO. In a new dimension.