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Digital Columns

Submitted by leftchannel


Client: Chartres Lodging / Sheraton Dallas

Location: Dallas, TX, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team


Alberto Scirocco



Taehee Lee



Sesshu Abe



Jon Rooney



Sheraton Dallas


Sansi North America


VDI Communications AV Division


Prism Electric Technology Division


As part of a major hotel renovation that aligned with the 10-year redevelopment of Dallas’ Arts and Business District, Chartres Lodging / Sheraton Dallas commissioned a digital art installation spanning two LED columns to welcome and engage guests.

Leftchannel designed a system of digitally animated modules that borrow from a portion of the community’s overall redevelopment strategy by infusing local art and cultural influences into the Sheraton Dallas Hotel’s aesthetic.


Overall, the plan was to seamlessly integrate the iconic hotel with the community’s redevelopment efforts that showcase Dallas’s diverse, world-class Arts scene. While embracing the technology, the content would depict urban art reminiscing the history and the culture of downtown Dallas. We also aimed to create something that’s orchestrated and meticulously timed to astonish the viewers and catch pedestrian’s attention.


The biggest challenge in the process was putting the art piece together on short notice—just three weeks from conception to installation. Leftchannel worked closely with New York- based LED screen manufacturer Sansi North America (SNA), VDI Communications AV Division and Prism Electric’s Technology Division to ensure a seamless install.

Additional Information

The installation is a hybrid of 3D and 2D work, allowing 2D digital animation to exist in a 3-dimensional space. Additionally, the challenge was to design work that would speak to two audiences—an external, outdoor audience simultaneously with the indoor hotel audience. The installation performs as an attractor and as a mood piece at once, situated at the entrance if the hotel, facing the street as a triumphal entry, while also facing the lobby and restaurant/ bar areas. The piece is innovative in its ability to perform on multiple planes dimensionally as well as emotionally.