Dichroic Waves - CODAworx

Dichroic Waves

Client: Science Museum Oklahoma

Location: Oklahoma City, OK, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $40,000

Project Team


Geoffrey Hicks

Director, Galleries and Permanent Collections

Alyson Atchison

Science Museum Oklahoma


Just like a synchronized flock of graceful birds swooping and diving together in fascinating harmony,
Dichroic Waves is a mesmerizing kinetic sculpture that brings abundant movement, color, and light to
the atrium of Science Museum Oklahoma. One hundred and ninety individual acrylic louvers of varying
lengths are suspended and appear to float freely in the air. As the sun moves across the sky, rays of light
strike the louvers and are reflected and refracted throughout the enchanted space below. Each viewer
will see a unique arrangement of color from their individual perspectives, whether from below or from
the the balconies or stairs, or from any other angle–the colors appear to change constantly as they

Each louver is attached to an individual servo motor at the ceiling, allowing for rotational movement.
The acrylic louvers are covered with a 3M dichroic film that has properties that shift the color of both
transmitted and reflected light as they rotate. The louvers will appear to narrow to nothing and then
widen again as they dance in harmony in the sky.

Dichroic Waves is designed to fully harness the abundant natural light of the atrium and uniquely
illustrate the physics of movement and changing light.


Science Museum Oklahoma commissioned this artwork in this particular space to announce to their visitors upon entry that art is integrated throughout the museum. This artwork highlights the intersection of art and science and is important to their mission, to reveal the wonder and relevance of science.