Submitted by Ride Art Studio

Client: Norfolk Arts

Location: Norfolk, VA, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $225,000

Project Team

Design and Fabrication

Saori Ide Russell

Ride Art Studio

Design and Fabrication

Jonathan Russell

Ride Art Studio

Public Art Manager

Karen Rudd

City of Norfolk

Footing and Installation

Pete Sanders

Ringenberg Construction

Structural Engineer

Kenneth Fuss

NRW Engineering


DIALOGUE stands tall and strong like the live oak trees in the park and celebrates the Ocean View neighborhood and its resilient and supportive community. The wind derived motion of the circles and independent moving copper elements within them invites viewers to join in a silent dialogue of discovery and enjoyment. The circles symbolize unity, harmony and balance. Organic forms within these circles emphasize the delicate balance between us and nature. The base of the sculpture is designed to mimic the feel of the old Ocean View rollercoaster.


SCOPE: To make a statement about the park and serve as one of the pinnacle attractions of Ocean View. It should enhance, but not mimic, what is already there, be natural and organic and stimulate thought, inspiring viewers to get out of their cars and experience the park. The artwork should speak to the strength and resiliency of the community.


Throughout the design phase, we worked with the city staff, arts commissioners and the representatives from local organizations to make sure that everyone’s voices were heard and the artwork harmonized with the environment and the scope of work.

Additional Information

This sculpture is the finishing touch on a twenty year battle to save Bay Oaks park from being commercially developed. Working together, the local neighbors brought their fight all the way to the US Supreme Court. It was truly inspiring to work with them to bring physical recognition to their accomplishment.