Dialect - CODAworx


Submitted by Lisa Occhipinti


Client: Private Client

Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States

Completion date: 2016

Project Team


Lisa Occhipinti


Private Client


This wall relief sculpture for an entryway in a private home required grandness as well as intimacy. Flat book pages are re-formed into spheres and finished with silver leafing detailing and hand-stitching. Using discarded books, text becomes the raw material of these constructive sculptures. Printed words are thoughts made visible, and are used here to symbolize our state of endless information. Emails, text messages, tweets and posts ceaselessly stream in a silent backdrop to our lives. 48H x 24W x 9D”


The clients are from the US and Europe so I suggested we incorporate different language texts into the piece that would reflect their personal histories. The organic quality of the pods is balanced with visual texture of text and the idiosyncrasies of typography. Like seeds or pods, the spheres are forms that are containers, vessels of possibility.


The client approached me to create a piece for a specific space in their home. We worked together to determine appropriate scale, color and details. Scale drawings were completed and approved before production began.