Deutschtown Mural Project - CODAworx

Deutschtown Mural Project

Submitted by Amy Novelli

Client: East Allegheny Community Council

Location: Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $10,000

Project Team


Gus Dieker


Jeannie Dieker


40' tall x 35' wide, exterior latex/acrylic house paint and acrylic paint on pressure washed, primed 150 year old brick exterior wall.


The call for proposals and qualifications by the East Allegheny Community Council asked for up to 3 sketches or design proposals. A juried vote was held in which committee members and community members could come and cast votes on the qualifications and ideas. I was chosen and the design was changed and finalized until all were satisfied. Because the design involved the production of imagery and photo based silhouettes of neighborhood people, places and activities, the imagery of the final mural changed and developed during the entire painting process.


I did a lot of my own research but committee members and neighborhood folks guided me to many sources for portraits and nearby sites and activities to feature, such as the Farmer's Market, RandyLand (a local painter who has transformed many derelict houses into a painted, sculpted and garden paradise), the National Aviary, Warhol Museum, and much more.

Additional Information

Many local people remarked on how it cheered them so much every day when they saw it compared to the old, moldy, decrepit building they used to view on their way to work each day.