Day and Night Trans-formative Ceiling Dome

Submitted by Frank Wilson


Client: Holiday Inn Express & Suites

Location: Webster, TX, United States

Completion date: 2007

Artwork budget: $8,800

Project Team


Frank Wilson


Holiday Inn Express and Suites


This is one of my Double Illusion day and night ceiling murals painted inside a dome in the dining hall of the Holiday Inn Express and Suites in Webster, Texas. When the lights are turned off the daytime sky disappears and the dome shows the night sky with constellations ad the Milky Way. I also painted the illusion of the night sky on the ceilings of the three king suites in this hotel.


The Tree King Suites were designed to accommodate the International Astronauts at the Johnson Space Center not far from the hotel. The hotel owner wanted the illusion of the starry heavens on the ceilings of the suites. Painted with rare earth phosphors, these illusions cannot be seen in the daytime or when the lights are on. The stars instantly appear in the dark.


Because the three King Suites were designed to house the International Astronauts, the hotel owner wanted two themes. 1. To satisfy the scientist in the Astronauts, he wanted accurate Constellations and Milky Way for the bedrooms . 2. To satisfy the explorer in the Astronauts, he gave me fee artistic license to paint a portion of the universe no one had seen before in the living areas.

Additional Information

The hotel owner was so impressed that he hired me to create the Illusions of the starry heavens in his private 10,800 square foot home as well.