Dandelions Wroclaw - CODAworx

Dandelions Wroclaw

Client: Integart Poland

Location: Wrocław, Poland

Completion date: 2012

Project Team

Art Consultant

Kazimierz Kociolek

Architect Engineer


Mirek Struzik

Sculpture Studio


Marin Kot-Zaniewski

Itegart Sp z o o


Motive of the project were dandelions which are present in the nature but are made of acid resistant stainless steel electropolished. My modern form but also relate to nature.


Modern design corresponds well with the nature of Integart Poland INC that deal with modern materials in buildings and modern techniques in print.


The project was created in cooperation with the head of the company, which was consulted on the general idea of the project. Calculate on strength for the foundation of dandelions was commissioned the architect constructor. Lighting has been chosen with the cooperation Thorn lighting.

Additional Information

Dandelion flower structure is made of an elliptically curved rods which give the effect of light