Dancing squares - CODAworx

Dancing squares

Submitted by Kim Rizio


Client: T D Bank

Location: Miami Beach, FL, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $23,000

Project Team


Jon R Kupernus

Claro Development


Kim Rizio

Kim Rizio Visual Artist


I. llker Uzun


The manipulation of color and light are the essential elements and the heart and core of this installation. Atmospheric and ethereal, it evokes the movement of seen and unseen colors. Inspired by the diverse colors of the tropics, Dancing Squares displays subtle variations and vibrant contrasts in the mosaic’s glass color transitions. The irregular pattern, shape and textures of the hand-cut glass complement the rhythm of the color shift. This contemporary glass installation comprises of two eight feet by eight feet panels, providing a walk of happiness to the neighborhood.


The City of Miami Beach was looking for a bright contemporary modern design that reflected their current status as a world art center in a tropical setting. All exterior Art in Public Places must be approved by City of Miami Beach Building and Zoning.
T D Bank was bringing their new style of banking to South Florida and needed to make a statement. Fashion photographers from all parts of the world flock to Miami Beach to shoot our hot climate and beautiful beaches. This mosaic has become a well-known location.
Natural variations of light from sunrise to sunset will change how one views the installation. The early morning glow highlights the iridescence of the glass and range of color. In the late evening the glass glistens with light refraction from the individual surface textures.


Claro Development who was hired to coordinate the renovation for TD BANK contacted the artist. After the initial consultation design drawings and sample boards were submitted to the architect, design team, and City of Miami Beach for approval. The process flowed seamlessly from first meeting to final installation.