Dame Lois Browne-Evans

Submitted by Zenos Frudakis


Client: Hamilton, Bermuda

Location: Hamilton, Bermuda, Bahamas

Completion date: 2011

Project Team


Zenos Frudakis


City of Hamilton, Bermuda


Family members of Dame Lois Browne-Evans

Industry Resource

Laran Bronze Foundry


The life size bronze sculpture of Dame Lois in her judicial robes is seated in the lobby of the new Justice Center in Hamilton. Dame Lois was the first female native Bermudan to serve as Justice of Bermuda.


To acknowledge and honor Dame Lois’ life and achievements in the new Justice Center named for her.


I interviewed family members and worked with them to make a compelling and accurate likeness of Dame Lois in clay. In addition to providing me with photos and memories of her, they very graciously permitted me to borrow Dame’s court robes, shoes, and the judicial horsehair wig so I could sculpt them accurately. Once the sculpture was finished in clay to the family’s satisfaction, I cast it in bronze.

Additional Information

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