Daemon LED - CODAworx

Daemon LED

Submitted by Andreas Lutz


Location: Berlin, Germany

Completion date: 2020

Project Team


Andreas Lutz


Galerie Mazzoli


The reactive audio-visual installation Daemon LED (in collaboration with Hansi Raber) analyzes the never-sleeping and permanent alertness of an artificial intelligence.

Machines and artificial intelligence have permeated virtually every aspect of our lives and consistently are about to conquer the last bastions of human autonomy. The rational efficiency of high technology has irrevocably installed in our daily lives and their abstract semantics invades and replaces human communication. At all major intersections of our society, binary guards are installed to constantly review the decisions made by humans and to evaluate if there is insufficient logic. And if not, to override the human decision immediately with an optimized solution.

This artificial logic achieves an error rate never to be attained for an emotionally controlled consciousness. Do machines represent the more contemporary, ultimately perhaps even better humanoids and mankind gradually gets absorbed by this perfect system?


Implementation and transforming the installation's visuals and sequence into the existing LED facades of different international locations.