Mars Cutter - CODAworx

Mars Cutter

Submitted by Sheldon Studioworks


Client: Madison County

Location: Mars Hill, NC, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $6,000

Project Team


David Sheldon

Public Art Agent

Sara Nichols

Madison County


Don Edwards

Mars Hill University


“Mars Cutter” is a commissioned steel sculpture, made of mild steel, approximately 10' high with pedestal.


My goal, with "Mars Cutter", was to create a sculpture that would pay homage, in a creative and dynamic way (with limited budget) to Super Abrasives - a manufacturer in Madison County that produces diamond cutting wheels. Its design is inspired by SA's affiliation with NASA's Mars Rovers. Each Rover incorporates their cutting wheels into their mechanisms, which allows them to cut deeply into Martian rock, searching for water, elements and life.


I worked closely with the founder/manager of the project, Sara Nichols, of Madison County Chamber of Commerce and the grounds staff at Mars Hill University. The sculpture is the first of an envisioned Manufacturing Art Park for Madison County, incorporating works of Art which celebrate manufacturing companies currently residing in Madison County.