“Cyclone” zero-maintenance interactive - CODAworx

“Cyclone” zero-maintenance interactive

Client: Cognia

Location: Alpharetta, GA, United States

Completion date: 2020

Project Team


Peter Hite

Art Consultant

Anne Tracht

Consult Art

Art Consultant

Jill Malino

Consult Art


Interactive work that enlivens a new contemporary office building.


-engaging, dynamic artwork as people entered the building

-fill a large space within budget

-zero maintenance.


Three concepts were created. Two were related to the client’s business and one was abstract. The abstract concept was chosen. The artist worked with the art consultants and they interacted with the client.
Sample lenses were sent to the consultant so the client could see first-hand the materials, installation process and interactivity. This also helped convey the work’s durability and longevity.
The lenses were installed with stand-off pins to give the feeling of depth and lightness.