Cut Throat Trout

Submitted by MGA Sculpture Studio, LLC


Client: RED Development, LLC

Location: Reno, NV, United States

Completion date: 2009

Artwork budget: $160,000

Project Team


Mark Aeling

MGA Sculpture Studio


RED Development

RED Development


Jane Designs

Jane Designs


Sculpture commissioned for the East entrance of Legends Plaza in Nevada. MATERIALS: Stainless Steel, LED Lighting. DIMENSIONS: 12’ H x 18' W x 6‘ D


A school of 575 Cast Stainless Fish leap together to form the State Fish of Nevada, a 12'L x 18'H x 6'D Lahonten Cut Throat Trout. Set at the last of a series of five fountains, each with 20 individual fish arranged to appear as if swimming upstream, this site announces arrival at Legends Nevada's East entrance, giving visitors a sense of place. The outdoor shopping plaza features a large collection of commissioned artwork informing and educating visitors with works reflecting Nevada entertainment, history and culture.


Technical design for a sculpture of this size typically starts at what most viewers would consider the end – transportation of the finished sculpture to its installed location. Because of its size and the intricacies of its construction, Cut Throat Trout presented a potential challenge at transport. MGA worked with an aeronautical engineer to design a special frame for the sculpture with both a display and a transport position, resulting in a trouble-free arrival and install at its permanent location.