Currents - CODAworx

Client: Dayton Metro Library

Location: Vandalia, OH, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $40,000

Project Team


Stephen Canneto

Canneto Studios Inc


Judith Spater

Canneto Studios Inc

Industry Resource

Don Roberts

American Plastic

Industry Resource

Lizard Skins

Lizard Skins

Art Consultant

Susan Anabel

Dayton Art Institute


Gary P. Spangler


Industry Resource

Jim Fultz

Van Con

Industry Resource

Andy Snow

Andy Snow Photography


David Johnson

Canneto Studio Inc


Currents is a public art competition designed the Vandalia Library's Market Space Materials include: Red and Green Dichrolaminate laminated to 1/4"polycarbonate sheet,Stainless steel aircraft cable, 3/16”, 7 x 7 strand – Rated 3,700 minimum break / strength Lbs.

o Stainless steel Rigid Head Combination & Double Arm Post Mount Glass Attachments


The Dayton area’s rich aviation history and Vandalia’s recognition as “Air City” have also informed and inspired CURRENTS themes of air and flight. Just as air supports flight, knowledge and literature support the lifting of human imagination and ideals.
Dichrolaminate’s beauty and mystique lie in their continuously changing, reflected and transmitted colors of light as the viewer changes perspective and lighting changes from day to night. CURRENTS use the innovative medium Dichrolaminate which changes colors and provides unexpected and exciting effects. The piece is comprised of interweaving ribbons and fuselage forms suspended above the atrium floor from stainless steel aircraft cable and bars.
CURRENTS flows through the library like fresh currents of air. The continuously changing play of light and color are reminiscent of the ever changing sky as air currents shape and move the clouds. Fuselage shapes that symbolize flight move through the space in angles juxtaposed to the flow of the ribbons. Stainless suspension bars, curving across the space and supporting the sculpture, provide another layer of visual movement.
The dynamic and movement of the sculpture through the atrium space symbolizes the flow of ideas and creative energy throughout the library and into the surrounding community.


Currents was chosen in a public art competition hosted by the Dayton Ohio Metro Library in partnership with the Dayton Art Institute. Canneto collaborated with Lighting Unlimited to design lighting for the space and sculpture.

Additional Information

The competition's objective was to commission a work for the Library inspired by the Dayton Art Institute's “Aurora Red Ikebana with Bright Yellow Stems” by Chihuly. Like Aurora CURRENTS, “- combines traditional usage and forms with new and exciting ideas, colors and outcomes.”