Submitted by Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong

Client: New York State Thruway Authority + ArtsWestchester

Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2020

Project Team


New York State Thruway Authority

New York State Thruway Authority

Project coordinator

Kathleen Reckling



Danny McCauley

Elemental Metalworks


Matthew Daw, Shahab Torabian


Lighting Design and Programming

Christoph Gisel, Xena Petkanas



Malcolm McDougall



Composed of 12 illuminated steel arches, CURRENT is a dynamic sculpture that celebrates transformation. Referencing the ebb and flow of river currents, currents of light, and currents of time, the sculpture is under continual transformation. The sculpture’s largest arch is 25’ tall, with the smallest at 4’-6” tall. CURRENT literally rises from the structure of the old Tappan Zee bridge; here, reclaimed steel has been used to create the formwork to pour the concrete foundation. These steel plates remain in place at the base of the sculpture as cladding for the foundation.

During the daytime, the sculpture responds to the sunlight cast upon it. The movements of the sun are seen through the shadows the sculpture draws on the adjacent ground, and through ever-changing pink and yellow refractions of sunlight that pass through the iridescent dichroic glass fins perched on the apex of each arch. In the evening, CURRENT creates a shared spatial experience through the light animations that respond to movements of passers-by. The sculpture is self-illuminating with integrated LEDs that form lines of white light that shimmer across the array of arches. Similar to a clock’s chime, CURRENT plays a unique, short light animation upon each new hour.


Embodying movement, progression, connection and change CURRENT has become a new community hub and experience for the Westchester landing.