Culture Cloth - CODAworx

Culture Cloth

Submitted by Red Paper Heart


Location: Brooklyn, NY, United States

Completion date: 2023

Project Team

Creative Director

Zander Brimijoin

Red Paper Heart

Tech Director

Daniel Scheibel

Red Paper Heart

Executive Producer

Lisa Walters

Red Paper Heart


As an Experiment with generative AI’s for interactive experiences, Culture Cloth explores the idea of walls that mimic your clothing in delightfully imperfect ways. People’s clothing can mark changes in mood, weather, style, seasons, occasions, and important events. In this way, a physical space is colored by the collective clothing choices of its inhabitants.

As you walk up to the animated cloth, a camera records an image of your shirt which becomes the seed image for AI to generate a seamless pattern. The resulting art gets revealed in front of you as a dynamic cloth that reacts to your movements.


This is an internal research project that manifested in a solid prototype. As a studio we are always exploring ideas that transform public spaces in interesting ways. How can they evolve visually over time reflecting the unique culture of its unique inhabitants.