Cubist Series - CODAworx

Cubist Series

Submitted by POTLUCK Arts + Music

Client: Gil Bruvel

Location: Wimberly, TX, United States

Completion date: 2014

Project Team


Aaron Weiss

POTLUCK Arts + Music


We worked with artist Gil Bruvel again to document his latest series of work, The Cubist Series: “In the beginning are parts, and the parts combine. And as they do, they interact and interrelate with each other and with the quality of light that falls across them in a particular way. And as the parts and the light interact, something unpredictable begins to emerge: seemingly random patterns whose genesis lies in synergy and synchronicity and an underlying organizing force. Like hurricanes or cities, like crystal formations or branches of trees, like the primal act of artistic creation itself—something takes shape.”




Working with Bruvel is always collaborative process where creativity flows back and forth to create a beautiful and informative video that tells a real story.

Additional Information

For Gil Bruvel, the parts may be organic or geometric: simple planes and angles, fragments of architectural language, or forms that conjure the flow and effervescence of life. Out of randomness appears an unexpected cohesiveness and complexity that is more than the sum of its parts. On one level, the artist produces and places these simple bas-relief shapes, keenly aware of the limitless possibilities of pattern, like infinite combinations in a game of chess. On another level, they place themselves. As in a game, the artist observes and responds to each play.