Crown Colony

Submitted by Carol Salmanson


Client: ChShaMa

Location: 266 W. 37th St, New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2018

Project Team


Carol Salmanson

Salmanson Studio, LLC


Hazel Santino



Raouf Sarwari

Artisan Design


Stefanie Hadiwidjaja

Salmanson Studio, LLC


The site-specific window installation filled the entire front of 266 W. 37th St, including its door, in midtown Manhattan, and its language was the neoclassical ornamentation that permeated New York’s urban landscape throughout the early twentieth century. Assembled from sheets of transparent film in an array of colors, the rich patterns of columns, friezes, and cornices of the crowns of the building and its neighbors form the elements of its design.

130”H x 104.5”W
Adhesive-backed gel filters on acetate


Crown Colony’s purpose is to give passersby a new appreciation for New York’s archite's urban landscape throughout the early twentieth century. A map was provided in the window, so pedestrians could look up and see where each component of its design came from.


Raouf Sarwari of Artisan Design laser-cut all the gel pieces, and together we placed them on the large sheets of acetate that would go in the window.

Additional Information

The project was commissioned by ChaShaMa Projects for presentation at the Newmark Holdings storefront space